Mr. Ajit Paranjape’s Opinion
“Chest physician after the complete treatment suggested to carry out ‘SLEEP STUDIES.‘ 

When the test was conducted C-PAP Machine was recommended.
Before the sleep study and using of C-PAP machine I felt fatigued & drowsy in the later half of each day and used to feel totally tired.

After using C-PAP for 15 to 20days there was significant improvement in my quality of Sleep and energy level started building up gradually.  

Initially the set up looked cumbersome but it is just putting a mask on the nose. It is a question of getting used to it. Once you get acquainted, you get perfect sleep. The entire next day your energy levels are very good.

Those who have less oxygen level due to breathing problems during sleep they should use C-PAP for keeping themselves healthy.”


 Mr. Shambhu Hiremath

I was not able to sleep for a long time. I started drinking alcohol as a remedy for this problem. Slowly, the dosage increased and it started consuming my life. Later, I could not get sleep even after consuming a large amount of alcohol. This went on for nearly six years.

My life changed when I met my friend Dr. Ashok Shetty. He advised me to do the sleep study. I was very reluctant and had postponed many the appointments with IISS Doctor. Dr. Shetty forced me to go and visit IISS. At last, when I visited IISS, I first went for a consultation with Dr. Prajakta Deshpande. I was truly impressed. I was asked to take a sleep study at the Institute. They diagnosed me as having Sleep Apnea. The use of therapy machine CPAP was mandatory as the treatment for the disorder. I was tremendously apprehensive about the idea of putting mask over my nose for every night while sleeping. But ultimately I underwent the treatment and after a few days of getting adjusted to the machine & the mask, now I am sleeping like a log for at least seven hours a night! My alcohol intake also has reduced considerably and my smoking has also come down.

Thanks to IISS, the doctors and entire staff for radically changing my life for better. My family & friends are very happy at this positive change.

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