International Institute of Sleep Sciences is the Premier Institute came into existence owing to a large number of populations in our country having sleep disorders which are underdiagnosed, common and threatening to life .
''IISS is a result of collaboration between Pinnacle Sleep and WakeDisorders Center, Washington,USA and Lab India,Thane,Maharashtra." We decided to set up a full fledged comprehensive sleep care institute as compared to a single sleep laboratory to involve other important technology based therapies.Our organization actively involved in creating awareness among the general public conducting projects , Seminars , Discussions.At IISS, we provide state of the art diagnostic and treatment facility for full spectrum of sleep disorders.IISS is staffed by a comprehensive clinical team, which includes physicians ,trained and certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine. Sleep Technicians affiliated with IISS have been extensively trained at laboratories accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.We also cater to Research and Academics related to the aspect Sleep Sciences. PhD scholars from Mumbai University are working in IISS on sleep-related projects.
This is an organization actively involved in creating awareness among the general public and has undertaken two social projects involving police personnel and mentally challenged population.
When 20 years old Jeevanjot left his home on the evening of 3rd March, 2011, he had no idea that a life changing experience was waiting for him.

15th January 2016 : New batches opening for the war programme(anti-obesity clinic)
10th February 2016 : practical and hands on for new batches for courses conducted in sleep medicine



What do we really know about sleep? Here are some of the misconceptions about sleep that most of the people know

Sleep is a state where the body is at rest and not functioning
Snoring is a normal part of sleep
I do not have sleep problem because I can sleep any where and everywhere
As am ageing my need for sleep is less
Sleep is just a time out from activity
Getting just 1 hour less sleep per night than needed will not have any effect on your daytime functioning
Children who don’t get enough sleep at night will show signs of sleepiness during the day
The main cause of insomnia is worry

We the team of IISS are here to clearify these myths and prove it to you that these are nothing but sleep disorders which have to be cured

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