IISS helps in creating general awareness about sleep disorders to general public as well as targeted population. Awareness programmes will include the following

  1. Complete registration
  2. Supplying information about sleep disorders using pamplets, posters, lectures
  3. Conducting physical examination of the participants including height,weight, neck circumference , swelling in either or both the legs , problems with pharyngeal opening
  4. Using oximetry
  5. Conducting a neuropsychology test for assessment of sleep deprived patients
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(Executive sleep check up and personal enhancements) IISS has devised an escape programme for the check up of corporate professional check up for sleep disorders to actually improve their productivity and companies bottom line

Escape is a four step programme

» Step 1 - Seminars on “lifestyle modification and special emphasis on sleep”


» Step 2 - Workshops on sleep disorders

» Step 3 - Home Sleep Studies

» Step 4 - Consultation with american board of sleep medicine

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